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2024 Holy Land Tours

General information about each tour is listed below.  Please click the Itinerary links for full details of where each tour will go, hotels, dates, etc.  The countries offered are subject to change as we need to know if we have enough interest in each tour before confirming. We WANT to offer each tour so PLEASE pre-register! 

Note:  You can choose any combination of tours you wish in the order below.

- If you go to Egypt, you must also go to Jordan before Israel as it fits between Egypt & Israel.

- If you go to Egypt, Jordan, Greece or on the Israel HIKE, you must go to Israel as Israel is the core of our Holy Land journey. If you have been to Israel in the past, you are welcome to join us for the other countries.

Each tour is priced individually.  Add up your tour choices & optional activities then add an allowance for flights to determine your estimated total cost or use our 

Cost Estimator below.

2024 TOURS

Trip costs are based on minimum # of travelers. 

Some travelers just go to Israel and others go to all two, three, or four countries.  

Whatever you decide, you will have an amazing experience!


EGYPT - 4 nights



+ $495 to room alone


Contact us to be put on waitlist.

Depart US   June 3

Tour ends  June 8

Transfer to Jordan or Israel HIKE


JORDAN - 4 nights



+ $495 to room alone


Contact us to be put on waitlist.


Transfer from Egypt 


Depart US  June 7

Tour ends  June 12

Transfer to Israel

Israel - June

10 nights


+ $1495 to room alone

+/- $200 11th night hotel

& flight to Athens only

IF going to Greece


Contact us to be put on waitlist.

Transfer from Jordan or

Depart US  June 11

Tour ends  June 22

Flight to US arrives June 23 or Transfer to  Greece

You may travel to Israel as one country or in combination with any of the other countries OR, if you have been to Israel in the past, you can visit any of the other countries with us.

Our priority is that our travelers visit Israel as that is the basis of our ministry and travel program. You may visit any of the other countries if you also plan to visit Israel or have been there previously.



If you're interested, look for details on our 2025 100th birthday tour for Norris as it will contain some of

this itinerary.


This tour follows the June Israel tour and is intended for those desiring to see Israel "off the beaten path".

0 seats left

ISRAEL - October/November

10 nights


+ $1495 to room alone

4 seats left

Depart US October 29

Tour ends November 9 (arrive home November 10)

ISRAEL ONLY - no other countries are offered with this tour.


7 nights (+1 optional)


Southern Greece + 4 night cruise 

Depart from US on June 22 OR Transfer from Israel June 23

Tour ends June 30,

arrive US June 30

+ $925 to room alone


Optional 1 day/night cruise extension: $505

+$185 to room alone

Arrive home July 1


Contact us to be put on waitlist.


-Flights are not included because we have too many tour combinations to reach the minimum for group flights.  We may be able to book a group flight for the October Israel tour but they are restrictive and normally fly out of LAX or SFO, not Fresno.  Flights for 2024 tours cannot be booked until August 2023 (for June tours) or December (for October tour) so cost cannot be estimated now.  We will help you book flights as soon as the airlines open up booking.

- If you are traveling from Israel to Greece, there will be an additional flight between countries and an extra hotel night cost in Israel before the morning flight to Greece.

- Depending on if we offer Egypt and/or Jordan, we may need to have travelers fly between countries. That will be determined when we confirm the tours. Generally, flights are <$200.

- $100 donation to the ministry, Discipleship in Unexpected Ways, to help support our operations which you will get a receipt for at year end.

- TIPS - We have you pre-pay tips to us and then we prepare envelopes for all those we tip along our trip.  This saves travelers the hassle of tipping frequently and ensures that our providers are tipped appropriately for their service.

- Travel Insurance is highly recommended.

- Lunch and meals while flying are not included.

All OPTIONAL activities for each country are listed in the Cost Estimator.

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