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Do you need a ROOMMATE?

Many of our travelers come on their own. Whether you are married but traveling without your partner, single, widowed, or divorced, we welcome everyone who wants to join us on these tours. We also understand that some prefer to have a roommate and/or not pay the Single Supplement to have a room of their own.

- We do not assign roommates but we will gladly connect you to others that also want to share a room. Just mark that question on your registration form and we'll connect you.

- Please be sure to talk through all potential issues with a prospective roommate - snoring, getting up/down at night, bedtime, rise time, preference for quiet or chats, bathroom time, whether you're willing to help if the roommate becomes ill, etc. Make sure you are compatible and be  flexible too as many great friendships have formed through rooming together on these trips! 

 We want everyone to have a good experience and it is usually difficult to make changes to room assignments or get extra rooms once we are traveling so plan wisely.

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