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Wow, God!  Thanks!

When God calls you to a mission, it's often hard to put that purpose into words. When God called me to create this ministry in 2017, all I heard was "take 50 people to the Holy Land in October 2018". Well, that was pretty exciting for me! I was called to manage a new project (I love leading & organization!) that involved traveling to new places around the world. Wow!, what a blessing!  We were able to accomplish that task (and keep planning more trips) but there is more to this mission...and we are focused on that too.

(Left: Julie & I on the Sea of Galilee in September 2019 - a pretty awe-inspiring morning, especially for me.  In 2018, God told me on this very boat in this very spot in a very unexpected way that I was enough...that He would sustain me in this journey.  It was exactly what I needed in a way I'll never forget!)   ~ Debbie

This ministry honors my friend, Elizabeth, who was the best disciple of Christ I have ever known.  She was a true warrior for Jesus, kind and generous as no other. I will miss her unconditional love and support as I started this journey to give without reserve to others so that they may know Him.  Rest in Peace, dear friend.  I miss you.


We are exploring what else God has planned for this ministry but we are confident that all will tie to helping people know Jesus.  It's our commission and our responsibility to "make disciples of all nations (Mark 16:15-18)"!  We can achieve this through witnessing ( Acts 1:8 ), preaching ( Mark 16:15 ), baptizing (at home and in Israel through our trips), and teaching (Matt 28:20). We will be successful because Jesus, the Lord of heaven and earth, will be with us as we pursue this.


Our Board has wonderful God-given gifts & talents that we know will be used well for the Kingdom.  We are exploring development of more programs but are open to where He leads.  For now, we have opened up many Activity Groups for people in the Visalia area to stay connected and have taken one Alumni trip to keep our travelers engaging in life together.  Go to this link for more information:  Activity Groups ( 


Donations are appreciated and they will be used 100% for fulfilling this ministry's objectives.

If you want to join us in these pursuits, please let us know!  We'd love to have you!


Philippians 2:4 call us. “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”  People have needs. People are hurting.  People need others.  Being kind and loving to those in our midst and those we meet might just give them the glimpse of God they’re desperate to see....and need!

(Talking about Jesus in the Aegean Sea, Greece, July 2021)


We are called to be servants.
1 Peter 4:10 ESV As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace.

We will serve as He leads, in our homes, in our churches, & in our communities so that others see Christ in us.

(Communion at the Garden Tomb,

September 2019)


Discipleship in Unexpected Ways - it's so simple but so important!  Not everyone will come to Jesus through an alter call at church or an invitation after a Spirit-filled concert.  Some need a personal conversation, a fact-filled book to investigate, a shared story about grace or redemption, or provision of resources/support to overcome trials/doubts/insecurities.  We need to meet people where they are...and seek them as He sought us.

(Teaching the Beatitudes - Matthew 5 - at the Mt. of Beatitudes, Israel, October 2018)


501c3 Tax-Exempt ministry #85-1521007

Receipts provided for all donations.

Our Board

We are a small, informal group of friends that God has called to bring others to

Christ through Discipleship.

Debbie Winsett - Director

Mark Bradley - Co-Director

Kiersten Vaughan - Secretary & Event Coordinator

Debbie Winsett (at Caesaria Maritima, Israel)​

I accepted Christ as a young teenager at Calvin Crest, a Christian camp in California, and have trusted Him as my Savior since that time. He’s been so good to me though my choices have not always been as He probably would have preferred. My family has attended Gateway Church (Visalia CA) since 2002 and I am involved in a lot of different ministries there. I work as a project manager for a big bank's Corporate Properties Group and love my job. We have two adult sons, a lovely daughter-in-law, and two precious grandsons. We love our growing family, busy life, and amazing friends.

I am not a travel agent but I do travel a lot. I’m a high energy, “let’s serve the world” kind of person and I love connecting & bringing people along on my adventures. In 2017, my travel buddy, Adele, and I made a bucket list of places we wanted to travel to. Israel was on the list but we didn’t know how to “go” there or any groups that were going. We prayed about it and God told me to use the skills and gifts He had given me to plan a group tour for 50 people to the Holy Land. Though this was unfamiliar territory for me, we made it happen and took 50 people to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel in 2018.  We took our 4th group to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, & Greece in July 2022 and each one brings new people into my life and new revelations to them as they travel to the origins of our faith. Each year, we have amazing trips, make memories and friendships to cherish for a lifetime, and come home with renewed desire to serve Him and share the Gospel with a ready world. How awesome is that?!? It is life changing...and it's a great ice breaker at work when people ask why I'm gone for a month and I then get to share this ministry and what it means with them. 😊

For me personally, I will continue to take groups to the Holy Land as long as there are people called to go! It’s incredible to have seen this grow. My church has been very supportive but does not “host” the tours. I travel on my own to Israel at least once a year to explore and plan for the next year's tours so we can keep them fresh. For now, helping people experience transformation in the Holy Land is my travel and ministry priority. My mission is to help everyone that God calls to go to the Holy Land and I pray for those "future" travelers every day. Join us and experience God's goodness and His son's life for yourself.

If you're a church or group who needs help to get started on your planning, I would love to help you do so!

Blessings always,



Kiersty Vaughan

 I had been praying and asking God about a way to go to Israel, but I didn’t have anyone to go with. One evening while at home I had christian radio on and I heard a commercial clip about a women’s holy land trip, that caught my attention and immediately emailed Debbie. I was able to go in 2022, the experience was life changing, the connections that formed with our group is priceless, and walking where Jesus walked - no words can describe the emotions that I felt.

I believe God put a calling on my heart to serve and help, being part of DIUW gives me that opportunity, I’m excited to be a part of whatever God has planned in the holy land trips to come. - Kiersty

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Our ministry bookkeeping and tax filing tasks are handled by and independent resource, JB Bookkeeping Solutions.


Connect with us!

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Mark Bradley (at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece)

My beginning with Discipleship in Unexpected Ways, was simply put, by Divine appointment. First off, I go to Gateway Church in Visalia, CA. At a Sunday night meeting I happened to sit down at the same table as Debbie. Well, a few minutes into the meeting she leaned over and asked " Do you want to go to Israel?", Long story short, I wrote my check that Tuesday!

Now for a little information on my background and how I got to this point in my life. I grew up in Santa Ana, CA, and lived in Irvine, CA, for 33 years before I retired and moved to Visalia in 2007. Our daughter and family lived here, so here we came. It is at that point where my life took a drastic change. The same week we moved my wife of 36 years fell, and a couple of weeks later, Jesus called her home. I was never mad at God, simply put, her work was done, Jesus called her home, and there I was by myself, so Jesus could work on me, and He has ever since.

My walk really started when I met my wife. We met at Garden Grove Community Church, later to become the Crystal Cathedral. From there we moved on to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, with Chuck Smith. That is where my walk started to take off, so to speak. From there with our move north we joined in at Calvary Chapel Visalia, and when I lost my wife, my walk really strengthened. Then on to Gateway Church where I am today.

With being by myself, the Lord has had me go to Japan to help with the tsunami recovery in 2011. In addition, I have been to Belize a number of times to help out a missionary I was introduced to. These trips to Belize really opened my eyes to the needs of the world. He showed me things are not like you experience in the US, everyplace in God's world.

After meeting Debbie and traveling to Israel, what I had been ready for over the years came to life. After my trip to Israel, my reading of the Bible came to life. I would read passages and I would way to myself, "Yes, that is real place, I remember being there!". I still find myself going back and reviewing my pictures.

Just a few weeks ago, we returned from our trip to Greece and Jordan and enjoyed following the footsteps of both Paul and Moses.  I must say that my travels to Israel, Greece and Jordan have indeed opened my eyes and driven my thirst for studying God's Word and striving to improve my walk with Jesus.

Thank you for your time, and if anything I have shared has sparked your interest in travel or just in Jesus Himself, drop us a line!!


When God calls you to His mission field, it's an honor and a blessing to serve.  We do so because He loves us and gave us eternal life through His son, Jesus Christ.  We want every person to know this love and we will do our part to share it with the world.

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