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We completed this trip in June 2023!
We retained this page for archive purposes.


ITALY 2023 - our 1st alumni trip!  I'm so excited!

I look forward to another adventure with you! - Debbie

THIS TRIP IS FULL!  Look for another alumni trip in 2025 or join us in 2024 to go back to Israel or to a new country in the Holy Land. Our Israel itinerary is new for 2022 and later.

In planning, we're trying to blend a lot of travel styles & preferences with the goal of providing an easy experience that takes care of everything for you while on the trip.

  • This trip will be a vacation, not a tour, though we will have a tour escort & some guided time to educate us, help us navigate, and organize our days.  We're trying to keep it SIMPLE so don't expect the usual flurry of emails from me though we will certainly talk about essentials of the trip.
  • AIT will be the travel agent.  I researched many options from cheap to luxury.  AIT isn't the least expensive but they do cover all the needs and customize for what we want to do + are great for groups.  Cheaper trips are easily done for a few people but not for groups (at least not the way we all seem to like to travel).  You would notice the difference...and I'm sure you don't want to be worrying about how to get to the train or airport while you're on vacation.
  • We will visit Naples/Pompeii, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Siena/Lucca/Pisa, Florence, Bologna, Rome, & Venice as these were the most requested places.  There is much to see in Italy and this trip will give you a sampling of cities, countryside, and historical elements.  We planned in some fun activities like wine tasting, a cooking class, a farmhouse stay, shopping in some beautiful small towns, a boat ride to Murano, and maybe boating to the Blue Grotto of Capri (if it is open). See the full  itinerary for details.
  • We will depart the U.S. June 7, 2023 to arrive in Naples, Italy on June 8 and we will return to the U.S. on June 20th.  12 nights in Italy! Some of you may wish to go back to Greece or somewhere else after and that is ok but will be on your own. Let's talk about it if you want to go somewhere after as AIT or I may be able to help.
  • Initially, we  invited all Holy Land travel alumni but now have a few spaces open for friends & family who are willing to be part of the Holy Land travel program in a future year.  Check with me before you invite please.
  • We need to get everyone registered and flights booked as soon as possible. We plan to have 25-30 people on the trip to stay within a 30 passenger van.
  • Please contact me with questions.   559.740-9436 or on WhatsAPP (our group communication tool)

Travel Insurance

We had some claims in 2022.  Both Allianz and Travelex expect a lot of documentation on claims but it's worth it to have insurance. Check the box on the registration form to buy Travelex policy or get your own but be sure to have insurance to cover the full cost of your trip.  I recommend an annual policy if you travel, even in the US, regularly.  I pay $510/year for annual coverage through Allianz.



3450 Euro ($3730) with 30 people

+1135 Euro ($1235) for single supplement

No triple occupancy

+ $100 donation to our ministry to help keep us afloat (receipt provided)



See full ITINERARY in link below for all the details pasted directly from AIT's email along with his explanation of costs.  I think we covered everyone's wishes!

June 7 - 20, 2023

Things to know about our trip...

- Hotel rooms in Europe are usually smaller than you're used to.

- Most hotels do not have dinner restaurants.

- Italians eat late (8-9pm).

- Italians love soccer so expect venues and drivers to go dark if an important game is on.

- Gelato is better than ice cream.  Plan to enjoy a lot.

- There is a great leather mart in Florence. Good for gifts! Also glass in Venice (Murano). Venice is last so you can carry your glass gifts home safely rather than through the whole tour.

- We'll be on trains at times so you do not want to lug a lot of luggage.  Pack light, seriously! NO checked bags on the way there.

 -  We will see a lot of Italy but you may want to go back to see cities more in depth.  It would take months to see it all!

- COVID - As of now, no passes, vaccines, or masks are required.



- Form

- Image of passport (if we don't have it from 2022).

- $500 non-refundable deposit or payment in full (see comment in Cost section)


Group flights have been booked for the first 20 travelers.  New travelers will need to book their own flight, matching these British Airways flights if possible.

June 7 LAS-LHR 9:30pm

June 8 LHR-NAP 6:16pm

June 20 VCE-LHR 1:10pm

June 20 LHR-LAS 4:50pm


Southwest flight to/from Las Vegas

June 7 FAT-LAS 10:35am

June 20 LAS-FAT 10:25pm

You can choose your own flights or drive to/from Vegas if you prefer.

We can help if needed.

If you are booking on your own, please send Debbie a copy of your itinerary (

Tips - €10 (euro) per day x 12 days = €110 ($123US)

Driver € 2 per person per day

Tour Manager € 4 per person per day (tour escort, not Debbie)

Local Guide € 2 per person per service

 For hotels / restaurants

Reception € 1 per person per day

Waiter restaurant € 1 per person per day

Pictures from Debbie's last trip to Italy in 2016 - Siena, Trevi Fountain, Venice Cathedral

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