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Books & Resources

All of these resources are available to borrow from Debbie with agreement to return for the next person to borrow.  Just let me know which ones you are interested in or come browse. 

You might also want to check out these websites below.


Must Reads!

The Source:  All going to Israel should read this.  It's a long read and the first 1/3 is very dry but the rest is very good.  It will give you an excellent perspective on how civilizations in Israel developed.  I will buy lunch for the 1st person who figures out the place in Israel that we visit the book is about. Hold your vote until we get to the place. :)

Acts Odyssey:  This is a very good, easy read about Paul's journeys in Greece.

Where Jesus Prayed: I really like this summary of one woman's tour of Israel.  She went on a "basic Bible tour" and we go to many more places but I love her commentary and how she related the sites to her faith journey.

We have multiple copies of The Source and Acts Odyssey to loan.

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